Message from the Manager


The St. Paul Farmers' market would like to treat anyone arriving at the market before 9am both Saturday or Sunday to a free cup of coffee and a donut while supplies last. Just order the early bird special at the donut stand and they will serve you up with a smile now through the end of October.


Fall is here and with it comes cool weather and losts of great things at the farmers' market. We have a huge variety of squash, cranberries, apples, apple pie, dried apples,as well as other apple treats. We have great fall decorations to brighten up any home. It's not  to late to do some canning but I were you I'd do it soon.  The market still has some tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables that are great for pickling but with the frost coming soon it will all be coming to an end.  We also have a variety of products such as salsa, chocolates, strudel, pasta, perogi's, cheese, bakery, honey and meats.

Thanks for making us part of your weekend!